Professional Painting Contractor in Chilliwack Receives New Five Star Review

July 08, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Chilliwack based house painting contractor All About Painting is pleased to announce that they have received a new five star review for their services. The company, which has been serving Chilliwack homeowners for over 30 years, often receives high praise from clients online for the high quality service it provides.

The company is always pleased to receive positive reviews from its clients. Their strong commitment to great service comes with a very strong connection to their customers and their opinions and needs. Recently, Sherman Hu left a 5-star review for All About Painting, saying, “When Rickey Rain found me through asking Siri for a Pro to help his Chilliwack house painting service professionals, it was an inspiring first phone conversation.”

The call led to an intense brainstorming session with Rain, owner of All About Painting. Sherman goes into detail about Rain’s professional attitude in his review, stating, “The first time I met Rickey in person, he was cool and casual, as if we’ve been friends for eons. The photoshoot & videoshoot was so smooth, and Rickey was very agreeable to work with and rolled with it like a pro. I’ve met other contractors in Chilliwack but there’s something special about the way Rickey runs All About Painting. He’s passionate about his craft, taking his Red Seal certification seriously, and the way he describes how he desires to ‘wow’ his clients with honest assessment and estimates, no upfront charges on paint/estimates, getting the job done to code, and working on the job diligently till it’s complete, and then when a client is impressed with the new home feel’ will he then accept payment. I don’t see or hear other craftsmen speak with such passion about their craft, very impressive.”

Sherman also praises All About Painting’s 100% best price guarantee. He says, “You’d think a Red Seal journeyman would have the opportunity to be a premium service in Chilliwack, but he shares that he wants to serve as many Chilliwack home owners with a fantastic house painting service that they can’t help but refer their friends and family to him. Simply inspiring.” Sherman has since referred All About Painting to friends and family on his social media channels. Read the review here: 5-star Review For All About Painting Chilliwack House Painting Contractor.

All About Painting is strongly committed to providing, “Honest assessments and estimates, being professional and prompt on the job, seeing it to completion, executing jobs to code, and requiring no upfront charges for estimates (either for paint or the job), along with offering 100% best pricing guarantee.”

Founded in 1984 by Rickey Rain, All About Painting promotes itself as, “the painting contractor you’re looking for,” and strives to provide the best possible service to all its clients across Chilliwack. The house painting contractor holds a Red Seal certification, which ensures that all house painting done by All About Painting adheres to city code for the safety, insurance, and well-being of each client. They also make use of the highest quality paint. As the company’s site states, “Best paint quality for your walls is what you deserve to achieve that new house look and finish. You get what you pay for in this instance. Cloverdale Paint—known in the Lower Mainland for its long-lasting quality—is what we use.” Clients can also obtain industry special pricing on paint when they purchase through Rickey Rain’s account with Cloverdale Paint.

All About Painting prides itself on remaining focused on every task until the very end. “We start on your job and stay at it every day until it is complete. The job is only finished when you’re wowed,” says the company. Clients are not required to pay a cent until the job is done. Estimates, paint, and labor charges are not levied until the client expresses complete satisfaction with the job. The company also ensures that its clients receive the best prices in all of Chilliwack. If another Chilliwack painter offers a better price, All About Painting is willing to beat it. For a reliable house painting contractor, contact All About Painting Chilliwack.


For more information about All About Painting, contact the company here:

All About Painting
Rickey Rain
9757 Hillier St, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4K2, Canada

ReleaseID: 60029117

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